The exhibition “We are workers…” showed characteristic aspects of the daily life of industrial workers in Mexico, their customs, traditions and collective activities, through the use of photographs, graphic documentation, objects and testimonials. This showed the long process of the formation of the working class and the historical forms of struggle for the recognition of their rights, as well as integration, resistance and opposition.

The base concept of the exhibition design was the recreation of the environments in which the life of the working class occurs and the contrast between the highly technological, organized and supervised environments of the factory floor versus the gathering places and homes of workers. With this principle a great thematic setting was created, in reds and blacks, which incorporated visual elements, environmental sounds, moving images and other display supports. This emphasized the working conditions, life, thoughts and organization that identify Mexican working culture.

Location: Temporary exhibition at the national Museum of Popular Cultures, Coyoacán, Mexico City.

Year: 1984

Client: General Direction of Popular Cultures, SEP

Project Scope: Exhibition design project and realization direction.

Exhibition area: 840 m2

Project director: Jorge Agostoni

Collaborators: Marcela Capdevila Vega, Sergio Osorio, Mario Ramírez Díaz