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La Tallera

La Tallera (“The Workshop”) is a space inspired by the ideas behind the work of the muralist David Alfaro Siqueiros. The museum exhibits the work and thoughts of the artist, establishing a link between contemporary international art and Mexican tradition. The space focuses on new artistic productions and promotes research on Mexican Muralism and other currents of great importance for the country. Location: Cuernavaca, Morelos State, Mexico Year: 2012 Client: JUMEX Collection Foundation Project Scope: Project and architectural direction of the construction of the museum, museum design project and realization. Development of media, mobile apps, and other technological elements. Project...

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Mobile Matrix at The MoMA

Gabriel Orozco’s Mobile Matrix is a unique piece of art, made of a gray whale skeleton weighing 3,739 pounds. The work has ellipses and circles drawn in graphite on the bones, to dynamize the structure, and resembling the movement of waves. The huge piece was exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City. In order to be able to transport it from Mexico City, we designed a complex packing process, allowing us to disassemble and assemble it. We directed and supervised the entire technical and museographic process. Location: New York City, New York, USA. Year: 2009 Client: Museum of Modern Art Project Scope: Direction...

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The Origin of the Kingdom of New Spain

The exhibition, first in a series titled “The Brushes of History”, offered an ample panorama of the works realized from 1680 to 1750 by new Spanish or european artists with themes relating to the military and spiritual conquest, as well as the portents and spiritual glories, of New Spain. The exhibition, formed by 86 large format, colorful oil paintings, plus 70 other pieces including folding screens, watercolors and prints, was mounted in the large open spaces of the temporary exhibitions hall of the National Art Museum. They were displayed in such a way that they could keep a strong presence, separate from the...

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National Exhibition of Housing and Social Welfare

This ephemeral installation, which only lasted a few days, was produced for the celebration of two complementary and simultaneous events: the First National Award for Social Housing Technology and the Second National Gathering for the Development and Deregulation of Housing. The vast interior of the Expo Plaza was organized by forming a central circulation axis dividing the space in two sections, one for the exhibition and another for the forum. On one side of this axis, an inclined wall that softly descended toward the back of the building marked the exhibition area, which the public gradually discovered as they advanced; on...

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