Museografica is a private American and Mexican firm that provides professional services in the planning, design and realization of museums and exhibitions. The firm offers its clients comprehensive services, spanning all the phases of the design process, from initial feasibility studies to the realization and initial operation of the works.

The firm is headed by a select group of high-level professionals made up of exhibition designers, architects, graphic designers, curators and multimedia experts, who oversee the programming, design and supervision of our projects. The joint experience of its members comprises many years in the public and private sectors, covering practically every aspect of the planning, design, organization, promotion and operations for museums and exhibitions.

Museografica was the first firm of its kind in Mexico, and was a pioneer in the use, in all kinds of museums, of thematic ambiances and audiovisual and interactive media. Throughout its 40 years of activities, it has realized the planning, design and production of the permanent exhibitions of some of the most significant museums in Mexico and around the world, spanning a wide range of typologies, themes and dimensions.

The firm is recognized for the realization of important museums and exhibitions that combine the presentation of objects and complex didactic contents, with the creation of exhibition spaces that are motivating and functional, in which a constant search for quality, timeless concepts and designs are present.

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