An architect and museographer, she completed her professional studies at the Max Cetto Workshop of the Faculty of Architecture at UNAM. She collaborated in different architecture firms as a designer in competitions for various projects, and taught Theory of Architecture at the Carlos Lazo Workshop of the Faculty of Architecture of UNAM.

She was head of the Department of Museography at the National Museum of Popular Cultures, where she was responsible for coordinating thematic research and the formation of collections, as well as the design, production and assembly of several of its annual exhibitions. Highlights include “Life in a Sip, Coffee in Mexico” and “Al Son que Bailas…”, and 50 other temporary exhibitions.

Since 1997 she has collaborated with Museográfica in the research, documentation, curatorship and formulation of museographic scripts for the museums and exhibition projects of the firm, as well as in the museographic design, supervision of production and assembly.

She participated in the production of the National Museum of the Revolution, the Museum of Tequila and Mezcal, the Museum of Popular Art, the Museum of the Telegraph, and the National Museum of Art, all in Mexico City; and the Museum of Memory, in Tlaxcala, Tlaxcala, as well as the temporary exhibitions “José Juárez”, presented at the National Museum of Art, and “Mario Pani, an Architect of Our Time”, in the Palace of Fine Arts.