To commemorate the centenary of the Mexican Constitution of 1917, the Electoral Tribunal of the Judicial Branch of the Federation (TEPJF)  commissioned the creation of the Interactive Museum of The Constitution, about the history of constitutional rights.

The museum consists of an exhibition about the history of Mexican Constitutionalism, electoral rights, and human rights of the past 100 years. It includes a new bibliographic and documentary collection about Constitutionalism in different Mexican states, a web site, and the opportunity to reproduce some of the museographic elements of other TEPJF facilities. The museum is a center of attraction for all kinds of audiences which, in a dynamic and interactive way, offers an outlook on the history of democracy in Mexico.

The museum was conceived as a form of contemporary communication media, with museography that combines the exhibition of collection objects with audiovisual and interactive cutting-edge technology, and a broad range of information and graphic elements in an informative and thematic setting. The museographic design and exhibition furnishings are integrated with the architecture, and their direct relation with the space’s characteristics shapes minimalist environments that contribute to highlighting the pieces and exhibition documents.

Location: Electoral Tribunal, Mexico City

Client: Electoral Tribunal of the Judicial Branch of the Federation

Project Scope: Project and architectural direction of the construction of the museum, museum design project and realization.

Exhibition area: 2010 m2