This ephemeral installation, which only lasted a few days, was produced for the celebration of two complementary and simultaneous events: the First National Award for Social Housing Technology and the Second National Gathering for the Development and Deregulation of Housing.

The vast interior of the Expo Plaza was organized by forming a central circulation axis dividing the space in two sections, one for the exhibition and another for the forum. On one side of this axis, an inclined wall that softly descended toward the back of the building marked the exhibition area, which the public gradually discovered as they advanced; on the other side, a group of large carton tubes separated the forum from the circulation without concealing it. The wall and the tubes were painted in vivid and warm colours in contrast with the dark floors and structure of the enclosure. A large chandelier produced in white fabric was installed in the center of the forum, which characterized its function.

In the back, a large beam suspended from the roof, which crossed diagonally from one side of the hall to the other, spatially defined a third section, linked to the exhibition area, in which sample houses were displayed. To provide an ambiance suited to the theme of the events, tubular scaffoldings were installed along the length and height of the crystal walls of the enclosure, which emerged above the wooden moulds. Behind the scaffoldings, between them and the windows, white fabric painted with silhouettes of workers and construction activities stood out through back lighting. On the beam, as a visual cap of the central circulation, fabrics were placed featuring scenes of codexes representing pre-hispanic housing.

Location: Expo-Plaza, Aguascalientes, Aguascalientes State

Year: 1994

Client: Secretaría de Desarrollo Social

Project Scope: Exhibition design project and realization.

Exhibition area: 4,500 m2

Project director: Jorge Agostoni

Collaborators: Humberto Alcántara Nava, Vicente Romero Rubí, Margarita Zavala Yáñez, Mario Ramírez Díaz.